February 12, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

I think it is not to late to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all peeps.

6 Feb = Working half day till 12pm. Received a sms from zach-retro, and having our lunch at KL Central, not forget fezal-glam also!

7 Feb = Drove to Penang after had my breakfast with korie at pandan indah. It took 4 and half hours to reach Penang and it was 1st time i drove non stop and alone went back home! Dinner at Mee Udang Sg Dua

8 Feb = TV Program + Eat + Sleep

9 Feb = Went back to SP, damn missed my hometown so much!, watched the movie from jay zhao (kung fu dunk) wif my lovely frens.

And at nite,we hav CNY-bbq at Hui Fren house.It was so fun ! I will miss u guys so much, and looking forward for the end of tis month okay!

10 Feb = Back to KL.Damn jammed at south-north highway.It took 7 hours journey.

*oh ya not forgot waiting 17Feb to come ...ohh coming soon..

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