February 28, 2008


hey guys...ya another entry again..seems like im updating my entry everyday. Btw , it juz simple entry for today.Did u notice the text tat moving juz below my blog name? the movingable-text. I juz done it by HTML, "marquee" For more information u may find it here Marquee. It is very simple actually let me share the code wif u .

Example :

marquee id="rss" direction="left" scrolldelay="3" scrollamount="3" behavior="scroll" class="marStyle" onMouseOver="javascript:stop();" onMouseOut="javascript:start();"/marquee;

Is simple rite? for make the text colored or bold or italic u make add a css class, at css file\

such as --->

#rss /* ur id is rss see at marquee code */
background-color:#FFF; /*this is an example only the color-code u may refer here*/


so enjoy ur design...Good Luck !

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SHiDi said...

Why did you used events? jQuery would be better :p Remember, unobtrusive Javascript :D