June 29, 2008

My ordinary life - part 1

Me and korie are using one car now, which is mine redky neo. Me and korie decided to let go his 1.3 white satria PDE1282. The reason was, mine is 1.6 HL and his is 1.3...hehehe, kidding.
The reason was we thought it not necessary to having 2 cars for 2 doors car. For the second reason, we less used that car anymore, plus korie always used motorbike to work. So it was like invaluable to keep the car. The money will goes to ours saving account. Oh ya....kalau ada rezeki we plan to buy new car. 4 pintu. They said toyota vios jimat minyak really ar? Not NOW....is SOON, might be a year, 2 years, or 3 years it depends on our budget.

And for the 2nd thing, korie oled bought a house which is a terrace house. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, if i not mistaken it was 1k++ prsf and it is a free-hold, and it was at Kedah..hahaha...we decided to bought at kedah coz near to our parents house and less expensive than KL houses or apartments, and we also not sure either wanna stay long time at KL or not. The house was belongs to him, mean it is not 2 persons name, and i will buy a new house/apartment soon, hopefully hehehe. We will get the house's key soon, and we haven't decide how to decorate the house. Final, we decided to open another saving account for house's account.

July is coming soon, im so excited coz i will going to Hanoi. Hua hua hua hua, i need to get 100 USD for extra and 23,000 for Dong (which is RM50). BUT i dint apply for leave..i DIED!

My "kakak" and my "abg" will getting engagement during the 1st week of July. I cant wait for that event, i quite happy coz she invited me to her engagement ceremony share the happiest moment together. Wish both of them happy ever after.

Probably after the engagement ceremony, i will going to Sg Chongkak for 2ND time. My frens and i planed since last week. Either camping or picnic !, haven't decide yet.

Today is my payment day for June. I bought a new coins tube ( tabung ). Why? coz i saw korie had one, and korie asked me to do like him. mean SAVING !!!, and i oled started.

I haven't shop for 2 months. Last time i shop when i got my 2nd bonus payment. I bought a new Swatch which i wanted since 2007, and some cloths and pant. Haih~~~, i soooooo jealous ppls can shop here and there at MV. BUT , I'm planing to buy a new shade hahahaha wanna wear when going to Hanoi.

Erm...I think tat all la dlu. Tetiba no ideas pulak. erk!!!!!!!!

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