August 7, 2008

Wikipedia - Map

I explored the wikiMapia yesterday during my lunch hour. I found out this WikiMapia quite interesting, and i try to play with it to find my places that i used to be.
I know this WikiMapia since long time ago, but i quite frustrating when used it. But duno how, i suddenly terenjoy to play with it.

My hometown, where i lived since 1990 till now, eventho my dad already moved to Penang, we dint plan to sell the house which is at Sg petani.

Sg petani

Taman Ria

Lorong 69

Welcome to Penang island

Flat Jalan Tengah, is my dad 3rd house. It situated nearby Robert Bosch and Penang Air port. And it is also be my 2nd house for lepak lepak. But i still prefer my 1st house. Im not include the 2nd house, since it is situated at Kulim, and it is still under contraction.

Tingkat 1-11-01

I gain my work life experienced at here. It is located at Penang. I been attached here for 3 months.

Robert Bosch

Sin Min is the place that i learnt my Chinese Language. I love here so much. I missed my school days, i missed my frens, i missed my teachers (and headmaster too), the canteen, the classrooms, the garden, and every things. I hope one day i can go back there to take a look.

Sin Min primary (91-96) & secondary (97-01)

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