October 10, 2008

Win a Free hand beg

I received an email from mekju regarding this free handbeg. 1st i tot macam junk mail je, then when i look tru other blogger's blog, they also post the same things, i means all this free handbeg things la kan, tetiba terasa nak ke link free handbeg, which u may find at handbegplanet.

Term and condition was easy, and the registration was simple. Trust me!. Sum more can choose ur favourite handbeg and design.

And i choose this, tak tau la cantek ke tak, coz aku nie bute skit bab bab handbeg, asalkan kecil dan simple udah. hehehehe.

U guys hanya perlu send email to others frens tuk memperkenalkan this handbegplanet, or join facebook or post this handbegplanet kat beloq. And i choose to join them facebook, since aku ada facebook jugak. Dan jugak post kat beloq. heheheh.

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