March 12, 2009

Pabila dugaan mendatang, sanggup kah kte hadapi nya?

Kelmarin, seharian suntuk aku habiskan masa dengan menonton 1 liter of tears. Cerita drama jepun yang tgh hot pada tahun 2005 atau 2006.

1 liter of tears, cerita yang sering aku ulang nonton. Tak rugi nonton cte nie. Cerita ini yang berkisarkan kisah benar Kitou Aya, seorang teenager yang melihat kawan kawan sekeliling mencapai cita cita, menyambung pelajaran, tapi Aya yang hanya hidup dengan ubat dan semangat dan kekuatan agar berlawan dengan penyakit yang dihadapi nya, Spinocerebellar Atrophy.

Diary of Kitou Aya
, yang ditulis oleh Kitou Aya sendiri masih lagi diedar sampai sekrang diserata pelusuk dunia. Diary Aya yang mengandungi kisah kisah Aya, pahit, manis yang menyelubungi kehidupan Aya dari mula nya Aya mengetahui penyakit yang tidak dapat diubati sehingga Aya menghebuskan nasfas terakhir. Diary Aya, yang banyak dapat memberi inspirasi kepada semua orang, tidak kire tua atau muda, golongan professional atau tidak.

Aku mungkin tidak sanggup menghadapi dan tabah seperti Aya.

Diary of Kitou Aya - Chapter 1

14 years old- My family

Mary died...

Today is my birthday. I grew quite alot.
I think I need to thank my mom and dad.
I need to get much better grades, and be more healthy so I won't make them sad. In order to do that, I want to make this beginning of my youth important, without any regrets.

I'm going camping the day after tomorrow. I need to finish my homework so I won't have to worry about it.

Tiger, the fierce dog next door ripped Mary's head off, killing her.
Mary who was very small, approached the monstrous Tiger with a friendly wagging tail.
I yelled with all my might, "Mary no! Come back over here!" but...
Mary must be frustrated... she died without being able to say a word. If she wasn't born a dog, she wouldn't have died so fast. Mary please be happy some wehere else!

The new house is finished.
The large rooms on the east side of the second floor is me and my sister's room. The ceiling is white. The wall is wooden brown. The scenery outside the window looks different than usual. I'm happy that I have my own room, but it seems too spacious and lonely. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Starting off all refreshed!

1. I'll wear t-shirts and pants(its easier to move around).
2. Chores to do everyday-- water the lawn, pick weeds, check for bugs behind the leaves of the one tomato vine I planted. Also check the leaves of the chrysanthemum for cockroaches, and if i find any, take care of it right away.
3.Not to slack on my homework
4.Other than that, write in my diary everyday.
I'm going to make sure I do all of these.

My Family

Dad 41 years old. Sometimes he has a bad temper, but he's nice.
Mom 40 years old. I look up to her, but her straight forwardness scares me.
Me 14 years old. In the beginning stage of adolesence. The age that's hard to deal with. If I describe myself with one word it would be, crybaby. I'm full of emotions. I'm naive and I easily get mad and easily start laughing.
My little sister 12 years old. I see her as a rival in both school and personality...although lately I've been pushed around by her.
My little brother 11 years old. He's a tricky one... a little scary. He's younger than me but sometimes turns into an older brother. He's also like a parent to Koro(the dog).
My youngest brother 10 years old. He has a wild imagination, but he can be a little careless.
My youngest sister 2 years old. She has curly hair that she got from my mom, and her face is from my dad (especially her eyes... its what it looks like when the clock hits 8:20) She is very cute.


xeea said...

berbaldi air mata aku tengok cerita ni dulu. huu

Cik Oren said...

aku rasa lebeh 1 liter air mata aku keluar..huhu

mediaposter said...

where to get the full translated diary?