February 22, 2008

Forget Password? in WIndow running system

Hey peeps, i hav sumthing to share wif u guys...SInce my fren asked me how to login coz she forgot ? lost? or the window having a password to log on

Step :
i. U need to reboot window in safe mode by restart the computer dan press F8 or F5 repeated as computer start up.

2. "SAFE MODE" mode, u may see the "SAFE MODE" at ur screen.

3. Click "START"

4. Click "RUN"

5. at the box there, type "controlpasswords", Plz ..dunt include the quates marks!

6. Now, u may acces the accounts, and including ur administrators account, so u may reset the password or juz delete it, up to u.



SHiDi said...

Biar benar. Senang nya nak alter password kat Windows :o

Mr Dino said...

lagi 1 cara... kat command prompt..
nih kalau dah login laaa~~

net user accountname *

eg: "net user momo-comot *"
eg: "net user Administrator *"

kalau nak kosong.. enter 2 kali..
kalau nak tukar.. tukar la..