February 23, 2008

My Summary

...uh i hav many things to write recently, BUT, due to my internet-connection (kat rumah) like kura-kura baru berlajar berjalan, i cant access any pages.

Tapi semalam baru je kteorg kodek kodek check why connect to slow, try to change the moderm and having new wireless + router,but also having failure. And some how we juz try to fix the fone line, finally, we manage to get back the connection.! Yeah.

Me and korie went to cyberjaya at midnite and paksa ana dan lina come wif us. We had our late supper at Old Town cafe at cyberjaya and sum J-CO Donut which i bought at Pavillion when having lunch at Sakae Sushi, Pavillion wif r-way and sjuin.Tat was my 1st time to Sakae Sushi, The way of their business is customers having a finger point to monitor to order menu. And we can having the hot water refill at the corner of the our table. And the environment was quite good. tat why we very lazy to get ours ass up and sit there nearly 3 hours..opss...

sjuin and me

me and rway


Birthday boy

Korie's birthday!..happy birthday sayang(but i dint call him sayang pun..hehehe). I love u so mux,do hope u can achieve wat u dream this year + i pray for ur health and wealth too ! We juz went KLCC to watch "Jumper".What can i say bout tis movie, it was totally bored!, the plot was messy, nothing special in this movie, i tot it will be kind of super-power-hero's movies, and i was totally wrong. And i do hope ppls out there, plz dunt watch tis movie!.


Today! semalam ed tell me tat she oled booked tickets for Dunia Baru The Movie, which is in my wish list to watch the movie since last month. We try the new gsc which is located at Pavillion, since i been told by soon tak (opismate) tat pavillion's gsc seat quite confortable and the sound system quite good, so i suggest to ed tat we shud try the gsc Pavalllion. The movie plot quite ok (ok oni , not good ! rate = 6/10) at the beginning, but i quite blur and having kind of "? ? ? ? ? " at the middle of the movie.In the movie, they was on the way back to KL (if im not mistaken),they had say tat they juz pass by R&R (rest&rilex), since i noe R&R juz ada kat highway, and one of their fren wanna wee-wee, So tetiba je they sampai kat rumah banglo yg sunyi dan gerun!...urm...macam tak logik je. Uh..paling benci cerita macam nie, tetiba je jump to other place. Macam leh interport plak.
So the conclusion, Dunia Baru The movie is ok for me. But i wont go to cinema for 2nd time for Dunia Baru The movie. BTW, would like to say big thanks to ed(ajleaa) coz banje me the ticket hehehe. Later i pay u back! maybe looking for at the end of march?

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