February 26, 2008

Im relie looking forward !

Yes!..i relie looking forward to Hanoi at the end of july. My frens and i made a quick and crazy decision to Hanoi without think twice or any early planning. We juz look at the air asia promotion and bought the ticket within 10 minute. It sound crazy rite? We dint care bout accommodation, leave, and other things tat need to consider before bought the ticket,and it was 4 days trip to hanoi.

So , we still hav 5 month to go,we will make a decision either back packing or book the ground package (since matta fair is around the corner).

The important things need to be done before fly to Hanoi
1. Matta fair - ground package - survey
2. Accommodation - survey
3. Transportation - survey
4. Language - survey
5. Weather - survey
6. Place to be visit - survey
7. Money changing


PastaCheeze said...

by the time u arrived thr dun forget to take pic byk2..;P

Miss aiza said...

my dear pastacheeze : of coz dear...i wont forgot u !