October 30, 2009

New Chapter - 1

He shouts to us and said:"Cinta itu buta".

We keep in silent, no points to voice up. He still wants to win in everything. No points we sit down and discuss coz at the end, he is the only one will keep pointing finger to us.

I counting my days to be Mrs. within one month from now but is seems like in the nightmare. I wish to finish up my nightmare soon, so there will be a new chapter for my life.

To me, Happy; coz our 8 years relationship with korie will end soon as husband and wife. Sad; because our current condition is not stable whereby there are so much unacceptable things we need to face on and nervous; if there are unexpected things turns up. I and he just patient and pray hard for this will be ending soon. For me wedding reception is not important now. As long as the akad nikah is perform, that should be enough for both of us.

Patient; accompany me and korie. Everyday we pray “Ya Allah, murahkanlah rezeki kami, kuatkanlah hati dan semangat kami, mempermudahkan kerja kami, jauhkan kami dengan perkara yang tidak elok, dan restuilah perhubungan kami semana Engkau mempermudahkan kerja kerja orang yang beriman, semana Engkau memurahkan rezeki orang yang beriman, semana Engkau memberi kekuatkan kepada orang orang yang menghadapi musibah. Sesengguhnya Engkau Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang, Maha Pemurah dan Maha Besar.” My tears fall again.

One night, I was thinking. What I’m done till need to face this situation? Why this happen to me? How tomorrow will be? And suddenly I wake up I should not questions all this. It’s already written, and He knows that Korie and I can face it.. We just follow the flow, and try our best to face it.

Everyday, I pray for good news, even though I know there will be difficulty in front. I need to be patient.


Hantu Ulam said...

Setiap dugaan yg kite terima, bkn sebab kesilapan yg tlh kite lakukan.

Tapi ingatlah,setiap dugaan yg Allah berikan itu adalah kerana Dia merindui kita. Dia mahu kita terus mengingati dia. DIa mahu kita selalu bertahajud pada Dia. X melupakan dia walau sesaat.

Sebenarnya, Allah sentiasa mencemburui kita, jika kita menyayangi org len lebih dari DIA, menyintai org len lebey dari menyintai DIA. Allah mahukan kasih sayang kita yang x ada limit.

Allah itu Maha Pengasih, dia xkan berikan sesuatu ujian itu kalau DIA tahu yg hambaNYA x mampu lalui.

salam sayang dr,

Rabbit Tiruan said...

" What I’m done till need to face this situation? "

He knows ur strong and can withstand the ordeal that is thrown at u... even though ur on the edge of breaking down. Whatever it is, the only thing to do is give in & accept watever comes ur way. Sadness doesn't last... when ur in the depth of sadness only then u will know what true happiness is... Bnyk bersabar yer, good stuff alwayz happen to those who's patience...