October 26, 2009


Situation 1:Emotional

i faced very difficult days these days.

i told my fren.
"i felt like.......
i relie fed up sumtime
i success in my career
but then i felt empty
no happiness"

Tess owi "i knw how u feel"

At the moment she said so, her's word reach me. And my tears fall again following
with my feelings.

Situation 2: Friday Morning

Tess owi "good morning"
me "morning

Tess owi "few days din chat d~"
me "few days
yesterday oni la"

Tess owi "akakakaka
i feel like many days"
me "hehehe"

We chat everyday, gossips,family,relationship,work,friends,foods,gym
but havent meet for 3 years.

1 comment:

sensitive & unsecured heart said...

ahahahah!!!!!! now only i realise im in ur blog!!!! see? how important i am to you? so treat me well a bit! :D i wan makan in fancy restaurant!

Well, i didn't know my sentense can made your tears drop. I just understand how you feel,so be strong :)