November 24, 2010

Pending wish list

I haven't done with my baby-things wish list. There are important items need to buy before i delivery.

1. Mattress and pillow (Korie very particular with the material, i hope we can find the suitable one during the baby fair this week).

2. Milk Bottles.

3. Cloths..more cloths and cloths.

4. Towel and receiving blanket, currently had but extra 1 more should be ok. Macam mengumpul towel dan receiving blanket pulak.

5. Breast pump, cooler beg. Not yet.

6. Washable diapers. Whereby is too expensive, one item cost rm50.00 with the good material. Pengsan ok. May use the disposable diapers dulu.

7. Diapers beg. We prefer Crumpler where by can fill camera, lens, diapers, bottles, and more in 1 beg. Hahahah, plus korie said he don't mind if he the one carry the beg.

This weekend, there are Baby Mommy Fair at Mid Valley see you guys there.

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