January 28, 2008


It has been so long time i wanna hapdet my wish list. hehehe but sooooooo-lazy! to write it out. But now i doin it during office hours.Mampuih la kalo org tau !

Currently = doing PHP code,
Venue = Boulevard Mid Valley Office.

Here my wish-list where i wanted and to work hard to achieve it

- Esprite babydoll dress
- Esprite dress
- Esprite Jeans
- Esprite short pants
- Giordano short pants
- Nose heels
- VIncci flat sandle
- Padini beg
- Swatch watch
- Mickey mouse sling beg

2. Personal life
- Hantaran theme -> Keunggulan & kesucian
- Hantaran presents
- Pernikahan procedure documents
- Baju & others, Photographer, Make-up
- House

3. Work life
- Salary
- salary
- and salary .....
(coz here is my resource to achieve wat i wanted!)

4. Education Plan
- Master at Jepun ( i work so hard and pray hard into tis)

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