December 15, 2008

Weekend : Cupcake, myself.

1. I was being available for 2 weekend, coz korie was not around.

2. On saturday, went to Min's place for baking cupcake. How was my cupcake? will be post on coming entry.

3. My 1st time baked cupcake. 2 times trial.

4. My felling so down suddenly, coz i was facing so much problems. I do hope i can goes on with my life.

5. On sunday, i done my laundry cleaning, house-work, and movies.

6. I have no mood to think bout my "leisure leisure" things.

7. There is one "thing" that bother my mind.

8. 14 days to go and is not bout "Cameroon!"


Cik Oren said...

cupcake cupcake cupcake cupcake

raz said...

Oiii... do u know that Cameron Highland and Cameroon is totally a different place?

Miss aiza said...

Raz, juz now i noed. hehehe Blame me!!!hahaha